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[Shortcode] Overview

There are two available shortcodes in the RCP Member Credits plugin that allow you to display the credit information for the current user.

  1. [user_credits_available]This displays the user credits currently available to the user displayed as a number.
  2. [user_credits]This displays detailed user credit information and will display as the table below.2016-10-18-10_22_47-sample-page-rcp-a-wordpress-site
  • Credits per month
    This is the amount of credits a user receives upon monthly renewal of their subscription

  • Credits Remaining
    This is the current credit balance in the user’s account.
  • Credits expiring
    This is the credits that will expire at the next renewal date. By default, credits are set to expire after 1 year. Future updates of RCP Member Credits will allow this period to be adjusted.
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