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Multiple Memberships

Starting with Restrict Content Pro – BuddyPress 2.0, multiple memberships are supported and there is no configuration necessary.

Previous versions of Restrict Content Pro – BuddyPress do not support multiple memberships functionality in Restrict Content Pro but do still work great with the latest versions of the Restrict Content Pro plugin.

If you’re using a version of Restrict Content Pro greater than 3.1 you may see an error telling you:

The multiple memberships option is enabled but Restrict Content Pro BuddyPress does not currently support multiple memberships. Let us know if this is something you think we should support in the future.

To disable Restrict Content Pro’s multiple memberships functionality go to the RCP General Settings page ( Restrict > Settings > General Tab) and un-check “Multiple Memberships”.

Once this option has been un-checked the error will go away and Restrict Content Pro – BuddyPress will continue to work as expected.

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