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Member Types / Subscriptions

BuddyPress supports adding member types* as a way of grouping users. The RCP BuddyPress plugin ties into this functionality by enabling member types to be assigned to membership levels.

Remove Member Types Option

As of RCP BuddyPress v1.1.6 the functionality for removing member types is available. With this option checked, a member’s member types will be removed when their status changes to “cancelled” or “expired”.

Assign Member Types to Membership Levels

1) Navigate to the “Restrict > Membership Levels” menu and select a user group.

2) Either select your membership level or add a new membership level. At the bottom of the membership level page, there is a “Member Type” drop-down where you can assign a member type to a membership level.

Restrict Content Pro BuddyPress Member Type

*Note: A handy plugin for adding member types is the “BP Member Type Subscription” plugin.

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